High-frequency board and mixed pressure board

High frequency board and mixed pressure board PCB capability
High Frequency and Mixed Pressure Boards
High frequency board and mixed pressure board
Serial numberprojectContent descriptionParameters or models
1Rogers sheetsRO3000 seriesRo3003, Ro3006, Ro3010, Ro3035, Ro3203, Ro3206, Ro3210
2Rogers sheetsRO4000 seriesRo4003C, Ro4350B, Ro4360, Ro4533, Ro4700, Ro4835
3Rogers sheetsRT5000 seriesRT5870, RT5880
4Rogers sheetsRT6000 seriesRT6002, RT6035, RT6006
5Rogers PP tabletsSemi-cured adhesive sheetRo4403(4mil), Ro4450B(4mil), Ro4450F(4mil), RO3001(1.5mil)
6Arlon sheetYalong seriesDiclad, Cuclad, Isoclad, AD series, CLTE, etc.
7Arlon PP tabletsSemi-cured adhesive sheet25FR 1080 (4mil), 25FR 2112 (6mil), Cuclad6700 (1.5mil)
8Taconic PlateTaiconi seriesTLX, TLY, RF, TLC, TLG series, CER10, etc.
9Taconic PP tabletsSemi-cured adhesive sheetTP-32 (4mil), TPG series (4mil), HT1.5 (1.5mil)
10Wangling boardWanglingF4BK, F4BM, F4B, TP-1/2, TF-1/2, CT330, CT350, CT440, CT615
11Finished copper thicknessoz0.5oZ – 2oZ
12Substrate copper foiloz0.5oz – 1oZ
13Maximum finished sizeRO3000 series590*440mm (single and double), 580*420mm (multi-layer)
13Maximum finished sizeRO4000 series1200*430mm (single and double), 880*600mm (multi-layer)
13Maximum finished sizeRT5000 series590*440mm (single and double), 580*420mm (multi-layer)
13Maximum finished sizeRT6000 series590*440mm (single and double), 580*420mm (multi-layer)
13Maximum finished sizeF4BM series1480*430mm (single and double)
13Maximum finished sizeTP/TF series180mm*180mm (single and double)
13Maximum finished sizeCT series1200*430mm (single and double), 880*600mm (multi-layer)
14Minimum finished sizeAll materials0.5*1.0mm
15Maximum number of layersNaN1-32 floors
16Number of high frequency mixing layersNaN4-32 floors
17Material mixingtypeRogers/Taconic/Arlon/Wangling and FR-4
18Thinnest core board thicknessMil4mil
19Maximum size of PTFE high frequency\nboard imposition (thickness < 0.50mm)Unit: mm16*18
20Finished plate thicknessUnit: mm0.13-8.0mm (double-sided board) 0.4 -8.0mm (multi-layer board)
NaNMinimum drilling of PTFE material plateUnit: mm0.35
21Dielectric constantscope1-25
22Substrate thickness toleranceUnit: mm±0.05mm
23Complete plate thickness toleranceUnit: mmPlate thickness <1.0mm: +0.1, Plate thickness >1.0mm: +10%
24Minimum line width toleranceUnit:um±20um
25Minimum line width and line spacingUnit: mm0.076mm

Double-sided multilayer circuit board

HDI circuit board

HDI circuit board PCB capability
Double-sided Multilayer Circuit Board Data

Double-sided Multilayer Circuit Board Data

Double-sided multilayer circuit board
serial numbelprojectContent descriptionParameters or models
1Number of layerslayer1-70
2Materialbrand nameShengyi (SY), Lianmao (ITEQ), Kingboard (KB), Nanya (NOUYA)
3surface treatmentNaNLead-free spray tin, immersion gold, OSP, immersion tin, immersion silver, gold plating, tinplating, nickel-palladium gold
4selective surface treatmentNaNENIG+OSP, ENIG+G/F, full plate gold plating+G/F, immersed silver+G/F, immersed tin+G/F
5Solder mask ink colorNaNGreen, yellow, black, sub-black, blue, red, white, sub-green
6Character ink colorNaNwhite, yellow, black
7Maximum finished size of double-sided panelsUnit: mm2000*500
8Maximum finished size of four- and six layer boardsUnit: mm570*850 or 1150*430 (long side exceeding 570MM requires review)
9Maximum finished size of boards witheight layers and aboveUnit: mm570*670 or 980*430 (long side exceeding 570MM requires review)
10smallest sizeUnit: mm0.5*1.0mm (thickness 0.5mm), 1.0*2.0mm (thickness > 0.5mm)
11Minimum external dimension toleranceUnit: mm+0.05mm (laser molding), +0.1mm (mechanical molding)
12Producible plate thickness rangeUnit: mm0.13-8mm
13Double panel thickness rangeUnit: mm0.13-3.6mm
144 layer board thickness rangeUnit: mm0.30-7mm
15Thickness range of 6-layer boards and aboveUnit: mm0.6-8mm (6 layers), 0.8-8mm (8 layers), 1.0-8mm (10 layers), 1.0-8mm (12 layers)
16Plate thickness toleranceUnit: mm+0.1mm (thickness s 1.0mm), +10%mm (thickness > 1.0mm)
17Minimum drilling capacityUnit: mm0.075-0.1mm (laser), 0.15mm (mechanical)
18Maximum drilling per timeUnit; mm6.5mm (drill bit)
19Maximum drilling capacityUnit; mm50mm (expanded hole, gong hole)
20PTH minimum hole diameter toleranceUnit; mm+0.05mm (press hole), +0.075mm
21NPTH minimum hole diameter toleranceUnit; mm+0.05mm (limit +0,-0.05mm or +0.05, -0mm)
22Minimum hole position toleranceUnit; mm+0.075mm
23Expansion hole toleranceUnit; mm+0.1mm
24Slot diameter rangeUnit; mm0.5-6mm
25Minimum slot lengthUnit; mm1.0mm
26Slot aspect ratioUnit; mm1:02
27Minimum tolerance for milling slotsUnit; mmGroove width and groove length are +0.15mm
28Minimum tolerance for drilling slotsUnit; mm+0.10 in groove width direction, +0.15 in groove length direction
29Horn hole (countersunk hole) angle and sizeUnit; mmLarge hole 82, 90, 120 degrees, diameter 10mm
30Step holeNaNPTH and NPTH, large hole angle 130 degrees, large hole diameter not greater than 6.3mm
31Minimum line width and line spacingNaN0.075mm/0.075mm
32Line width toleranceUnit; mm+20um
33Minimum padUnit; mm0.15mm
34FR-4 prepregUnit; mm1,061,080,331,321,160,000
35Production of multiple-pressed blind and buried via boardsNaNLamination on the same side < 5 times
36Maximum drilling diameter of plate hole plug holeUnit; mm0.4
37Minimum thickness of inner layer boardNaN0.05 (non-buried blind hole board), 0.13 (with buried blind hole drilling)
38The inner channel is the smallestMil3 (18um base copper), 4 (35um base copper), 23mil
39Inner layer processingNaNbrowning
40Minimum wire spacing in the inner layer(105um base copper, after compensationMil5
41Minimum wire spacing in the inner layer(140um base copper, after compensationMil7
42Minimum wire spacing in the inner layer(18um base copper, after compensation)Mil3
43Minimum wire spacing in the inner layer(35um base copper, after compensation)Mil3.5
44Minimum wire spacing in the inner layer(70um base copper, after compensation)Mil4
45Minimum wire width of inner layer (105umbase copper before compensation)Mil5
46Minimum wire width of inner layer (140umbase copper, before compensation)Mil7
47Minimum wire width of inner layer (18umbase copper before compensation)Mil3
48Minimum wire width of inner layer (35umbase copper, before compensation)Mil3
49Minimum wire width of inner layer (70um base copper before compensation)Mil4
50Minimum wire spacing on the outer layer105um base copper, after compensation)Mil6
51Minimum wire spacing in the outer layer(12, 18um base copper, after compensation)Mil3.0(18um), 2.5(12um)
52Minimum wire spacing on the outer layel (140um base copper, after compensation)Mil7
53Minimum wire spacing in the outer laye (35um base copper, after compensation)Mil3.5
54Minimum wire spacing in the outer laye(70um base copper, after compensation)Mil5
55Minimum wire width of outer layer(105um base copper, before compensation)Mil8
56Minimum wire width of outer layer (12, 8um base copper, before compensation)Mil3.5(18um), 3(12um)
57Minimum wire width of outer layel(140um base copper, before compensation)Mil9
58Minimum wire width of outer layer (35um base copper before compensation)Mil4.5
59Minimum wire width of outer layer (70um base copper before compensation)Mil6
60Minimum line-to-disk and disk-to-disc spacing of the outer layer (after compensation)Mil3(12, 18um) 3.5(35um), 5(70um) 6(105, 140um)
61Minimum line width and spacing of theouter layer of multiple (z2) electroplatedburied blind hole boardsMil3.5/3.5 (before compensation)
62he minimum distance between the edgesof the inner layer board without copper leakageMil10
63The inner isolation bandwidth is the smallestMil8
64The inner isolation ring width (single side) is the smallestMil8 (<6 layers), 10 (z8 layers) partial cutting disc can be 8
65The inner pad has the smallest single side width (non-buried blind hole)Mil4.5 (18, 35um, partial 4), 6 (70um), 8 (105um)
66The inner pad has the smallest single side width (laser hole)Mil3
67Impedance tolerance%± 5Ω(<50),+10%(2502);250 can be +5%(needs evaluation),
68BGA pad diameter minimumMil7mil
69Pad diameter minimumMil12 (0.10mm mechanical or laser drilling)
70The copper thickness of the hole is the thinnest (non-buried blind hole)umAverage 25, minimum single point > 20
71The copper thickness of the hole is the thinnest (buried hole, blind hole)umAverage 20, minimum single point 2 18
72Insulation layer thickness (minimum)um0.075 (HOZ bottom copper only)
73Electroless nickel gold gold thicknessum0.025-0.10
74Electroless nickel gold nickel thicknessum3-5
75Chemical immersion silver silver thicknessum0.1-0.3
76Lead-free lead tin/pure tin minimum thicknessum0.4 (large tin surface)
77gold finger nickel plated gold thickum0.25-1.3 (required value refers to the thinnest point)
78Gold finger nickel plated gold nickel thicknessum3-5
79Full plate nickel gold platedum0.025-0.10
80Gold finger chamfer angle toleranceNaN±5°
81Goldfinger chamfering thickness toleranceMil±5
82Gold finger height is the largestInch2
83Minimum distance between golden fingersMil6
84The minimum distance between the TAB next to the golden finger without causing damagemm7 (referring to automatic chamfering)
85Long and short golden fingersNaNCan be combined with various surface treatments
86Long and short gold finger surface treatmentNaNLiquid gold/immersion gold; electroplated hard gold
87Chemical immersion tin tin thicknessum0.8-1.5
88Electroplated hard gold gold thicknessum0.15-1.3
89Full plate nickel gold plated nickel thickum3-5
900.10mm mechanical drilling maximum plate thicknessmm0.6
910.15mm mechanical drilling maximum plate thicknessmm1.2
920.25mm drill cutter maximum plate thicknessmm5
93Warpage limit capability0.75%0.75 (<0.5 needs review)
94Dry film sealing slot hole largestNaN5mm*3.0mm; one side of the hole sealing is greater than 15mil
95Minimum width of one side of dry film sealingMil10
96Dry film sealing maximum diametermm4.5
97Green oil window opening word width is the smallestUnit:mil8
98Green oil thickness is smallestUnit:um10
99Solder mask bridge minimum widthMil3 (green), 5 (other colors) (base copper < 10Z) (base copper 2-40Z, all according to 6mil)
100Minimum single side width of green oil cover lineMil2.5 (local 2mil allowed)
101Green oil minimum single-sided window opening (clearance)Mil2 (water gold board can be partially 1.5, other boards can be partially 1)
102Maximum drilling diameter of green oil plug hole (covered with oil on both sides)mm0.65
103Thickness of via cover oilum5/8
104V-CUT angle specificationsNaN20°,30°,45°,60°
105The distance from the center line of V-CUT to the pattern without copper leakage (1.0<H<1.6mm)mm0.36(20%,0.4(30°),0.5(45°, 0.6(60°)
106The distance from the center line of V-CUT to the pattern without copper leakage (1.6<H<2.4mm)mm0.42(20°,0.51(30°),0.64(45°,0.8(60%
107The distance from the center line of V-CUT to the pattern without copper leakage (2.5<H<3.0mm)mm0.47(20°),0.59(30°),0.77(45,0.97(60°)
108The distance from the center line of V-CUT to the pattern without copper leakage (H<1.0mm)mm0.3(20°),0.33(30°,0.37(45,0.42(60%)
109V-CUT upper and lower offset toleranceMil≤4
110V-CUT angle toleranceSpend±5°
111V-CUT residual thickness toleranceMil±4
112Maximum diameter of blue glue white mesh plug holemm2
113The minimum blue plastic cover line or pad on one sideMil2
114Maximum diameter of blue glue aluminum sheet plug holemm4.5
115Minimum isolation between blue glue and solder padMil12
116The carbon oil cap line is the smallest on one sideMil10
117Minimum isolation between carbon oil and solder padMil15
118Minimum separation between carbon oil and carbon oilMil12
119Minimum grid spacingMil5 (12, 18, 35 um), 8 (70 um)
120Minimum grid line widthMil5 (12, 18, 35 um), 10 (70 um)
121Minimum character line width and height (12, 18um base copper)NaNLine width 4mil; height: 23mil
122Minimum character line width and height (35um base copper)NaNLine width 5mil; height: 30mil
123Minimum character line width and height (70um base copper)NaNLine width 6mil; height: 45mil
124Minimum isolation between characters and padsMil6
125Test on-resistance minimum¦¸10
126Minimum distance between test point and board edgemm0.5
127Maximum test currentmA200
128Maximum test voltageV250
130Test pad minimumMil3.9
131Etch mark minimum widthMil8(12, 18um), 10(35um), 12(70um)
132Dimensional accuracy (edge to edge)Unit:mil±4 (complex shapes and inner grooves with this requirement need to be reviewed
133Minimum inner corner radiusUnit:mm0.4
134Depth controlled groove milling (edge) or blind groove accuracy (NPTH)Unit:mm±0.10
135Special tolerance requirements for plate thickness (no interlayer structure requirements)mm<2.0 board can be +0.1; 2.0-3.0 board can be +0.15; 23.0 board can be +0.2
136Maximum plate thickness drilling ratioNaN20:1 (excluding tool diameter <0.2mm, greater than 12:1 requires evaluation)
137Minimum hole diametermm0.45
138AppearanceNaNMilled profile; V-CUT; Bridge connection; Post mark hole
139Minimum milling cutter diametermm0.6
140Minimum overall distance from drilling to conductor (non-buried blind hole board)Mil6(<8 layers), 8(<14 layers), 9(<28 layers)
141Minimum overall distance from drilling to conductor (buried blind hole plate)Mil9 (first pressing); 10 (second or third pressing)
142Minimum body distance from laser drilling to conductor (1st and 2nd level HDI board)Mil4 (12, 18um) can be partially 3.5, 4.5 (35um), 6 (70um), 8 (105um), 10 (140um)
143Minimum width of outer via pad per sideMil8
144Minimum distance for outer milling without exposing copperMil100
145Test insulation resistance maximumM¦¸0.38-5.0
146Hole resistance test plate thickness limitmmmin: 0.62mm, max is 0.25mm thicker than the test plate thickness
147Bore Resistance Test Bore Diameter Limitmm±≤1
148ionic pollutionug/cm27.8
149Copper wire peeling strengthN/cm6
150Solder mask hardnessH6
151Flame retardancyNaN94V-0
152RCC materialNaNCopper foil 12, resin 65, 100um (55, 90um after lamination)
153Blue glue thicknessmm0.2-0.5
154Minimum carbon oil line widthmm0.5mm

serial numberprojectContent descriptionnan
1Supporting materialsbrand nameShengyi (SY), Lianmao (ITEQ), Kingboard (KB), Nanya (NOUYA)
2HDI structure1+N+1, 2+N+2,3+N+3, 4+N+4, 5+N+5, 6+N+6, any layer
3structural orderN+N,N+X+N,1+(N+X+N)+1
4Number of layers that can be produced1-40 layers
5Minimum line width/spaceUnit:mil2/2
6Minimum mechanical holeUnit: mm0.15mm
7Minimum thickness of core boardUnit:mil2mil
8Laser hole diameterUnit: mm0.075mm- 0.1mm
9Minimum thickness of insulation layerUnit:mil2mil
10Maximum diameter of resin plug holeUnit: mm0.4mm
11Electroplating hole fillingCanCan
12Plating hole filling apertureUnit:mil3-5mil
13Hole stacked plate/hole stacked hole/plate plus hole (VOP)CanCan
14Minimum hole wall to line distanceUnit:mil7mil
15Laser hole accuracyUnit: mm0.025mm
16Minimum BGA pad center distanceUnit: mm0.3mm
17Minimum SMTUnit: mm0.25mm
18Electroplating hole filling concavityUnit:um≤10um
19Back drilling/controlled depth drilling tolerancesUnit: mm±0.05mm
20Through-hole plating through-hole capabilitiesProportion16:01:00
21Blind hole plating through hole capabilityProportion1.2:1
22BGA minimum padUnit: mm0.2
23Minimum buried hole diameter (mechanical drilling)Unit: mm0.2
24Minimum buried hole diameter (laser drilling)Unit: mm0.1
25Minimum blind hole diameter (laser drilling)Unit: mm0.1
26Minimum blind hole diameter (mechanical drilling)Unit: mm0.2
27Minimum spacing between laser blind vias and mechanical buried viasUnit: mm0.2
28Laser drilling hole diameter is smallestUnit: mm0.10 (depth < 55um), 0.13 (depth < 100um)
29Minimum BGA pad center distanceUnit: mm0.3
30Alignment between layersUnit: mm+0.05mm(+0.0027)

Rigid-flex PCB Capability

Rigid-Flex PCB
Serial numberProjectContent descriptionParameters or modelsnumber
1FPC main base materialbrand nameTaiflex (taiflex), Hongren (gracethw), Shengyi (SY), Songrun
2PCB materialbrand nameShengyi (SY), Lianmao (ITEQ), Kingboard (KB)
3MaterialMaterial namePI (polyimide), PET
4Covering filmbrand nameTaiflex (taiflex), Hongren (gracethw), Shengyi (SY)
5Maximum number of layerslayer1-14 layers (sample), 1-12 layers (batch)
6Finished plate thicknessUnit: mm0.25-3.0mm (sample) Rigid-soft board 0.25-3.0mm
7Minimum line width and line spacingUnit: mm0.05mm/0.05mm
8Maximum finished sizeUnit: mm230*450mm
9Finished product thickness toleranceUnit:um±50um
10Insulation layer thicknessUnit:um12.5um, 25um, 50um
11Copper foil thicknessUnit:um12um, 18um, 36um, 70um
12Reinforcement materialstypeFR4/PI/PET/SUS/PSA
13surface treatmenttypeImmersed gold, immersed tin, OSP, immersed silver, gold plating
14Minimum drilling hole diameterUnit: mmMechanical drilling: 0.15mm, laser drilling 0.1mm
15Through hole toleranceUnit: mmNPTH:+0.05mm,PTH:+0.075mm
16Covering film colortypeyellow, black
17PI thicknessUnit:mil0.5mil, 0.7mil, 0.8mil, 1mil, 2mil
18Maximum number of layers of soft board1-8 floors
19Minimum finished sizeUnit: mm5mm*8mm
20Minimum welding ringUnit: mmInner layer (5mil), outer layer (4mil)
21Reinforce minimum sizeUnit: mm+0.075mm
22Reinforce maximum sizeUnit: mm0.6×0.6mm (steel mold processing), 0.5×0.5mm (fine punching mold processing)
23Enhanced alignment accuracyUnit: mm0.5mm (precision mold), 0.2mm (laser engraving), 0.15mm (ordinary drilling)
24Cover the minimum window sizeUnit: mmNormal 0.08-0.12mm, extreme 0.03mm (TPX pressing)
25Minimum window spacing of covering filmUnit: mm0.5mm (precision mold), 0.2mm (laser engraving), 0.15mm (ordinary drilling)
26Amount of glue overflow from covering film (single side)Unit: mmNormal 0.08-0.12mm, extreme 0.03mm (TPX pressing)
27Minimum diameter of gold finger semicircular holeUnit: mm0.25mm, normal value 0.3mm
28Soft-hard composite board: anti-peel strengthN1.4N
29Rigid-soft board: flatnessumThe front of the furnace is less than 15UM, and the back of the furnace is less than 30UM.
30Rigid-soft board: Thermal shock¡æ288°C (3 times in 10 seconds)
31Soft-hard board: W/B gold wire tensiongramMore than 6 grams
32Rigid-soft board: minimum board thicknessUnit: mmSoft board 0.1mm, four layers 0.3mm, six layers 0.5mm, eight layers 0.6mm, 10 layers 0.8mm