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  • RF PCBs

    What Are RF PCBs, and Why Are They Vital in Electronics Manufacturing?

    Product Benefits:

    1. Enhanced Signal Quality: Our RF PCB ensures optimal signal transmission, minimizing interference for crystal-clear communication.
    2. Extended Range: Experience an expanded coverage area, allowing your devices to connect reliably over greater distances.
    3. Low Power Consumption: Enjoy efficient energy utilization, contributing to longer battery life and sustainable performance.

    Product Features:

    • Product Specifications:
      • Material: High-grade FR-4
      • Frequency Range: 1MHz – 6GHz
      • Impedance: 50 Ohms
      • Layer Count: 4
    • Key Features:
      • Gold-Plated Contacts: Corrosion-resistant for long-lasting reliability.
      • Compact Design: Ideal for space-constrained applications.
      • RoHS Compliant: Environmentally friendly materials ensure compliance with industry standards.